Two Children Died in Gujarat Due to Rubella

Two Children Died in Gujarat Due to Rubella

Two children have recently Died in Gujarat and the news split with the reason is only due to Rubella vaccine. But there is no perfect clarity about the cause why they lead to death. In the ujarat, the government has been issued the schedule for promoting Rubella vaccine which is necessary for children.

As per the family members information, death cause is only due to the vaccine reaction, but there is no exact evidence that the people were died because of such reason. Those two childrens were identified as Mukesh ninama of 7 years old and Dimple Maheswari of 13 years old belongs to Aravali and Kutch of Gujarat.

Rubella Vaccine Drive in Gujarat

Suddenly Maheswari fell down and collapsed at the home, and immediately parents let her to consult a doctor in Naliya town as This information gathered by the police investigation. The family members of such children were very angry about the government Rubella vaccine and they thought all because of rubella reaction.

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From 16th July, Gujarat government started the vaccine drive for children in order to protect them with safe and healthy life. But unfortunately, those children death leads to a big mistry. Around 1000 plus children were taken the vaccine and they are good at health. Govt. arguing about the issue, as if it a problem with the vaccine, there should be a chance for all children to get the reaction? But why only for those children? We can clearly says that mostly, there is no problem with Rubella and the actual reason will explore soon after completion of post mortem.

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