International Yoga Day Facts and Benefits

International Yoga Day Facts and Benefits

Yoga is a source to achieve the destination of happy and healthy life. As this is the day about yoga celebrating throughout the world as international yoga, we should know some facts about yoga. And also wants to analyze how yoga will make an impact on real life once we have been taken part in it. Women aged 85 years living in Australia hold world record as a yoga teacher.

Yoga Life Style

That is the power of yoga, that can make the lives to increase the capacity to work. India is all set to lead the first in celebrating yoga day on 21st June 2015 and as a part of this, a team of Indian yoga authority was delivered few fascinated truth words about the beneficial happenings in every human being.

Facts & Benefits of Yoga

1.Universal health:

This is not a daily exercise doing with planned schedule, Yoga is a point of gaining good health and worthy life. Daily Yoga will just improve the muscle strength and feel better breathing levels.

2.Feel Refresh from stress:

Doing yoga as a daily task, we will get a cup of energy while feeling stress with the heavy workload. Spent few minutes of our valuable time towards yoga session, we can sure believe the facts happened to humans life practically.

International Yoga Day Facts and Benefits 22

3.Doga Style:

This is a type of yoga exercise, first started in New York of united states from 2001 and spread throughout the world now. Along with a man, dogs can also move towards doing such exercise, so named as Doga.

4.Yoga Energy Chakras:

In a human body, chakras place center energy role which can be capable of observing cosmic energy while doing chakrasana. This will help us to filter chakras and also made an impact on increasing positive energy flow in the body.

5.Strong Joints:

While the daily practice of yoga asana will keep the joints healthy and fit. Even old people those who follow yoga remedies can able to be fit with perfect fitness especially with joint related problems.

Keep in mind, that every person has their own capability of doing the exercises, as per their physical standards and conditions, so please follow according to the support range.

6.Rise Immunity:

Immunity is major power need to expose for a person to lead a healthy life without any diseases attacks. While a body is boosted up with effective immunity, then there is no problem raised with their health for future days. So try to shishuasana, Bhujasama and dhanurasana help to increase immunity power.

7.Food Prescription:

Along with yoga, each one should follow food schedule by including healthy raw vegetables and fruits. The perfect bench of food habits will definitely work on gaining good health.

International Yoga Day Facts and Benefits

8.Healthy Heart:

The heart is a main part of the body so that we need to be fit in cardiology concern. No need to bother, do mountain pose and tree pose asanas for reducing heart-related problems and to stay healthy lifestyle.

9.Boost the brain:

Yoga will helps to refresh the brain functionality and roots the mind with positive nature. Yoga for a week can help to avoid depression and negative thinking. A migraine is also get controlled through yoga asanas.

10.Pain-free Body:

Say goodbye for body pains and by considering three specific postures such as cat, cobra, and fish. No more pains will get back to lead a healthy life.


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