Indian Government planning to invite Trump

Indian Government planning to invite Trump

For republic day celebrations, prime minister Narendra Modi inviting USA President. Modi heartily welcoming trump to visit India on January 26th, 2019. On behalf of trump busy schedule, Modi took the schedule before the long gap. Donald Trump will be the chief guest for the 2019 republic day celebrations in India.

US President yet to respond to his invitation as positive. It seems that Narendra Modi is preferring to have the best interaction and communication with USA Chief ministers. It will redirect the developed impact to India.

Trump Visit India in 2019

As an initial request by Indian president, USA President favorably accepted the invitation and made their schedule to visit India on 26th Jan of 2019. At first, the USA team visit India in 2015 with Barak Obama. Then it turns to multiple visits in the same year.

From two year, India and the USA made a strong bond between various sectors that will certainly help Indian citizen to develop the country. Creating a strong relationship between Developed country and developing country leads to make the big difference for improvement. The Indian government was expected to have a long-term bonding for huge changes. This is one of the Modi’s attempts to ensure the heavyweights on R Day.

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