Hyderabad Police Ordered to do Cycle patroling in Streets

Cycle petrolling in Hyderabad

Police Jeeps…Police Cars…Police Bikes…Now it is time for Police cycles.. In order to overcome the harassments and crime issues in Hyderabad, Telangana government implemented various activities within their four-years duration.

Hyderabad Police, Ordered by the government to do Cycle patrolling in Streets. Still trying to put their efforts by initiating the new ideas and plan that will help the people to live in the securable environment. Cycle patrolling is one of the upgraded event allotted to Hyderabad police.

Police Cycle patrolling in Hyderabad

The government is providing Bicycles which consists of first aid box, LED light for dark places, Lathi, Red Cap, Siren, Water bottle. As per instructed rules by the government, each police need to ride the bicycle at least 7 kilometers per a day by covering all streets end to end corners. The main addition of this act will be to reach the street corners for protecting the people from crimes.

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Only employees those who are physically fit and having enough knowledge to ride the bicycle are supposed to do this duty. As per the government targets, there may be a chance to reach the crime free city. Cycle petrolling can cover all areas, where police cars and bikes cannot do. So we can expect the best in the city with this impact. This is also taking an important role to know the street issues throughout the city. Please don’t fear about accidental crime incidents, police cycling will soon solve the problems.

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