Renu Desai Got engaged

Renu Desai Got engaged1

Renu Desai Got engaged

Renu Desai is a very familiar name for us as a wife of power star, but she has her own recognization now that she got engaged with someone. She was very interactive and freely communicating towards the fans by sharing her personal updates. A few days back she posted a Pic of her by mentioning that she was fall in love with a guy. That is perfectly shown in yesterday photos posted on Instagram. She has been shared their hands with engagement rings but not even shown his face.

Renu Desai Marriage celebrations

In Instagram, she revealed one picture with her children by adding a tagline as “my happiness is incomplete without my babies and happy to have them besides in her steps to start a new phase of a love life. She always used to communicate in better and lovable way with the followers by posting something about her lifestyle. She is very passionate and inspirable person in the industry that no one can fulfill it. At first, Renu got married to Pawan Kalyan in 2009 and gets separated in 2012, when they have given birth to two children named Aadhya and Akira. Till today, they don’t reveal the reason why those people decided to get divorced. Pawan Kalyan then married to another girl and now they are having a baby boy.

Renu Desai Got engaged

Pawan Kalyan’s  ex-wife Renu Desai Got engaged

Even though she is going to start her new life with a new life partner, always preferred to make the first option at every step with her children only. Now she has been shared one more pic with her near and dear ones in engagement ceremony. Happy to hear that, such a super person will get into a new phase of life with loads of love and hope.

Renu Got Engaged in presence of her children


Some people are against to her second marriage, but that is her own personal wish what to do. The pics shared in social media represents the happy presence of her children for her marriage. we can also observe that her Instagram page also specified as a private account after sharing her engaged pics. We will update you with her engaged pics of both soon with marriage date. In twitter, she has been mentioned the comment with thanking all people who wished her in a positive way.


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