Bigg Boss Season 2 Latest Elimination

Bigg Boss Season 2 Elimination

On this weekend of Bigg Boss 2, Contestant named Bhanusree got eliminated from the house. As the nominations are given for Ganesh, Deepthi and Bhanusri, Both of Deepthi and Ganesh went to the protected zone and Bhanu got eliminated. Throughout the elimination announcement, she felt sad and drop the tears while leaving the house. Entire voting for a contestant will depend on their activity and involvement in the task.

Bhanu Sree Eliminated in Bigg Boss Season 2

As Bhanu receives huge voting from the audience but not capable to beat other contestants voting score. As because of her lowest number of votes than remaining two contestants, She went to Elimination phase. At last the Sunday’s episode concluded with her elimination. When she went away from the big boss house, Nani heartily invited her to the stage.

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Bigg Boss 2 Bigg Bomb

Then suggested her to speak a few words about the contestants in the House. Bhanu received the request and made the first suggestion to Deepthi sunaina. As per the restrictions made by Bigg Boss, Eliminated candidate need to drop a Bigg Bomb on any one of the inside contestants. As well she has also utilized the opportunity and Chosen Kaushal for Bigg Bomb. In the house, Bhanu and Kaushal created a good rocky relationship throughout the season.

As before of Bigg Boss duration, Bhanu Sree is not a well-known person to entire the state. But with her entry into the show, she got a recognized and made everyone to know her professional career. Actually, she was a professional dancer cum actor and she got an identification through the role done in Baahubali as a dupe to tamannah.

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