Anchor Pradeep Surprise Entry into Bigg Boss season 2

Anchor Pradeep Surprise Entry into Bigg Boss season 2

Good news for Pradeep fans.. Bigg Boss season 2 is going to invite Pradeep into Bigg boss house through wild card entry. The official announcement of his entry was still in confusion to the audience whether through the wild card or as a guest entry. Anchor Pradeep Surprise entry into Bigg Boss 2 makes the audience to feel more energetic.

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Pradeep Machiraju in Bigg Boss House

Within one or two days he is going to join with Bigg Boss family. This is very surprising news for all housemates and all of them will feel very excited and happy with his presence. With his entry, the show is going to be more fun and entertain. No one did not expect his entry into Bigg Boss. In an earlier episode, Pradeep entry was shown in Bigg Boss 2 upcoming scenes. As the days are passing, the show moving into peak standards in all cases, like entertainment, and in activities.

Bigg Boss season 2 wild Card Entries

At present, Shooting task for konchem Neeru and konchem nippu is ongoing with the neat appearance by Nandini and Kaushal. Really the contestants in the house are very dedicated and interested towards their work and all specified tasks. As per revealed scene about Pradeep, he will get enters the house with the suitcase as a contestant. No one doesn’t know what will happen, Let’s wait for a while and know the updates through our page.

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